The Rock Masters Commission | Academics
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West Coast Bible College & Seminary


Scripture Studies


Scripture studies are a weekly assignment for every student at the Rock Master’s Commission. Each week, students pick a passage of Scripture that they personally want to study and internalize. They then complete a thorough assignment on that passage, including a weekly essay explaining their findings and how they’re applying that Scripture to their personal life. Students will also be tested on the memorization of four Scriptures each week. This aspect of academic training helps students to not just read God’s Word, but to truly study it and make it their own. Much different from a church-attendee’s Christian education program, RMC’s Scripture study approach teaches each student to deeply delve into the Word of God and apply Biblical principles appropriately to every arena of life.

Financial Peace University

financial peace university

Financial Peace University is a required class for our first year students. Giving our students this class is very important to us, as we want to position our student for success after RMC.